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Issue with Fiverr


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I am experiencing issues with Fiverr.
It says "Fiverr will be back after maintenance 5 hours ago no response from Fiverr and my order’s deadline is over. It will be marked as late. I have submitted the request to Customer Support. It’s been hours and Fiverr didn’t replied. Also Tweeted @Fiverr Support on twitter. They said, It will took 48 hours to respond but what about the Order which is marked late, also 2 hours left for 3 more orders.

Any suggestion?
Are you experiencing this issue?

Thank you!

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You will have to be patient. Spamming Customer Support only slows things down and spamming the forum by posting this twice is against the forum rules. Your duplicate post was removed. Fiverr cannot address every ticket on just a few hours.

You need to continue delivering your gigs as usual even if they are late. Try to get the other gigs done on time if you can. Let your buyers know about the maintenance issue. Don’t waste time stopping to check ticket status and the forum if you still have gigs due.

Fiverr will get back with you as they said but it may take a day or two. All they can do anyway is to make sure the late deliveries don’t affect your search ranking. If you get late cancellations Fiverr cannot fix that but they may be able to remove any negative reviews for lateness. It depends on the factors including how long the maintenance lasted. Just calm down, do your work as usual and wait.

Edit: To answer your last question, I have not seen a maintenance notice in the past 24 hours, but the main Fiverr site is down for me right now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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