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Why my gigs DENIED?


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Hello Everyone

I have a Question about Gigs, I Don’t Understand why every time I Create an Active Gig about Promoting CPA with Facebook Methods, and gig about Promoting CPA Marketing with Bings Ads and both gigs are DENIED.

anyone can help me to Fix this issue or Explain to me how I create a Gig about those Niches

I’m Pro in CPA Marketing, Promoting Offers with Social Media Networks, and I want to share my knowledge here on FIVERR with Customers, I don’t want again to loose my efforts in Building my gigs to be Ranked in the first page and after a while sees it DENIED!

Can anyone help me? or explain to me the reason behind this issues?

Please Respond

Best Regards
EMF Support

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Only Customer Support can answer this for sure. Fiverr has become very tough on gigs that involve social media. Facebook is especially difficult since their own policies have changed and they have complained to Fiverr about gigs that are Facebook-related.

That may not be the reason for your gig denial but if Fiverr sent you a denial message mentioning 3rd party sites, your gig is probably not in Fiverr’s editorial focus. Other than that,no one on the forum can really help you.

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