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Developing my profile


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First of all keep this in mind that getting sales
is not easy,it needs time.

And second of all, there are no “steps” that’ll get you sales.
You need to work out for yourself,find out some
strategy that works for you.

We can only give you some advice and point out
your mistakes in your gig:

I looked your gigs the first thing that I stood
upon is your gig description(too small).You’ve to
specify exactly wat are you going to do rather than
just telling them(buyers) that I’ll provide this
and this.Tell them why they should hire you
after all there are 1000’s of other gigs
I’m attaching some gigs of some top rated
sellers read it carefully and tell me do yuo
find in captivating or not ?

Write quality text that’ll be an eye-catcher
for your buyer also add a video of you telling
them about your service



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