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Naming my Gigs


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I think most people just experiment. Look at what keywords are being used by sellers that are doing well and high in search. Play around with your tags, titles and description keywords. All I would suggest when you create the gig at first is to name it as you want the URL to look and think ahead. You don’t have to name it something that even makes sense as a sentence when you save it the first time.

If you had a gig selling artwork you could name the gig “(I will) draw create artwork image digital unique art/” and save it. That way the URL has some good keywords. After that you will probably change the gig up many times. You may change the title, tweak the description, save with different tags, etc. The URL will never change. That is one reason you don’t want to use a title that is overly specific on the first save, because you are stuck with it.

If you add a word like “twenty” because you are going to start with a bank and sell 20 pictures for $5, when you are selling strong you will probably want to change that number. Other than that, though, just make a gig and post it. Give it a week to get indexed and see how your analytics look. If they don’t look good after another week or two past that, play with it.

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