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Fiverr's fever!

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Fiverr is now becoming viral on internet and it’s fever is getting so high that it’s duplicates are now popping up in the market, they have copied everything from the Fiverr except their names which also seems to be derived from word ‘Fiverr’.
I chose the word “popping up” because what i am trying to say is that there may be some duplicates or similar sites in the market before but now they are becoming more popular with each new day and new sites which are exact copies of Fiverr are being marketed .This is a common in every business that when ever you are achieving new heights of success , people start following your footsteps.
But this viral fever of Fiverr on internet could be harmful for the Fiverr itself, because along with the newly introduced competition, i felt that there are numerous attempts to harm,divert or break Fiverr’s Market either by introducing similar or competitive policies or boosting fake fame.
It’s time for Fiverr to take Bold Steps and follow it’s history of always being one step ahead and if possible Fiverr should also sue those sites which are it’s exact copy for copyrights violation.
Fiverr is our Business Platform , It’s Popularity is our popularity ,It’s Future is Our Future because we can grow only if Fiver grows and that is the reason i decided to write here because We-The Fiverr community should play our role.
Let’s help the Fiverr management in making Fiverr’s fever more exciting and beneficial for all of us.

Here is my review of Fiverr:
I made a comparison between all the freelancing platforms available and Fiverr proves to be the best of all even though they charge a whooping 20% fees but i think they deserve that. I love the interface, the concept , the design, the marketing and the career building opportunities Fiverr gives to it’s users . It is a great platform for both buyers and seller. I feel Fiverr is the only freelancing marketplace which really values and respect talent as on other websites you will have to bid and really cut the corners in order to win a project while ;Fiverr promotes you and your talent in an astonishing way which benefits both buyers and sellers , It also provides a great platform for building great relationships. Moreover it gives flexibility to define your own services and your own framework of time duration and policies, which for me is Great. Fives gives you the feeling of being part of a great community in which everyone respects the talent of others and treats you as a part of it’s organization.
I think everyone with talent or skills should join Fiverr , that’s why I recommend it to everyone out there.

My suggestion is that they should introduce a referral system for both buyers and sellers and also should have more withdrawing options for withdrawing funds.
What’s your Review of Fiverr and Suggestions for Fiverr Team?

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