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Getting the best out of fiverr

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Guest geekyfiles

Most newbies find fiverr to be challenging. This includes both the seller looking to get his/her first customer or the buyer looking for a particular service to buy. I have come to discover that the best way to find your way around fiverr is to look at the successful gigs. Of course, starting from the featured gigs in the fiverr homepage.

For sellers, the single most important thing about what you’re selling is in the category and sub-category you place your gig. It doesn’t hurt if you would first type the service you plan to offer or you’re offering in the search bar, then you check the category most successful sellers place their gigs. That’s where you should place yours.

For buyers, the best tip is to check out for customer reviews of seller you want to buy from, that will give you a cue of their level of attention given to clients.

Other times, I would recommend giving out the job to a newbie. This is because newbies will always try to impress and prove to you that they are equal to the task.
Secondly, newbies wouldn’t want to shoot themselves on the foot by hurting early clients.

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