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Improve Gig Clarity with New 'Service Type'


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We’re excited to tell you about a new way to get the most out of your Gig Packages: by classifying your Gig with service types.

In select subcategories (currently: Jingles & Drops, Mobile Apps & Web, Mixing & Mastering, Virtual Assistant, Web & mobile Design, eCommerce, Business Copywriting, WordPress and Website Builders & CMS subcategories), sellers are able to offer several types of service for buyers. Service type is a tag that allows you to indicate what it is you are offering in a specific Gig, and allows buyers to easily find your Gig.

Classifying your Gig with the accurate service types helps you:

  • Get the right buyers to your Gig and increase conversion.
  • Differentiate your services with Package Attributes - and set yourself up for higher earnings!
  • Maintain a high level of visibility in the marketplace and highlight your specific expertise.
Here’s how to take advantage of service types:
  • Go to Edit Gig
  • Select the right service type from pricing tab on the dropdown menu
  • Remember: You can only have one Gig per service type

Do you offer several service types in the same subcategory? Great! We have now made it even easier for buyers to find your other Gigs. Once you classify your Gigs with the right service type, buyers will be able to see other services you offer from the any Gig in a simple and beautiful way! Check it out:


For more info about service types, check out Fiverr Academy.

Questions or feedback? Let us know here.

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