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What Makes a Good Topic for Conversations?


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Have an idea for a conversation but not sure if you should post it? What do you do if you see a topic you don’t like, respond or keep quiet?

Anything Goes?

The Conversations category on the Fiverr forum is generally for just about anything as long as it doesn’t break the rules. That doesn’t always mean that it’s truly a good idea to post absolutely anything, especially on a forum with a very diverse community focused on a central use.

What Audience Reads this Category?

Anyone with a Fiverr account can post here, but usually that means people who buy, sell or both buy and sell on Fiverr. There may be a random user here or there that used to buy/sell or just wandered to Fiverr out of curiosity but they aren’t usually the forum audience and may not have the best overall understanding of what is most current with Fiverr. Conversations is the best place for a real Fiverr seller/buyer to chat about the movie you saw recently or ask about people’s opinions on a trending topic, most are here primarily to get a good deal on services or to sell services. Consider this a kind of Fiverr “breakroom” where mostly sellers come to read or chat while they gear up for the next gig.

What Topics are Best for Conversations?

Many times Fiverr-related posts are still a good fit here. If you have a question but it’s not a simple Q/A, it may not fit Fiverr FAQ’s but fit well here where people can talk about the varied answers. If a post in another category (like Tips) starts to branch off on a tangent that several people want to talk about, it can be really helpful to start a post in Conversations about the “tangent” topic and leave a link in the old thread so interested users can talk here. Non-Fiverr topics can be good here too. If you worked at a regular job, things that you might talk about while getting a drink at the water cooler are often a good fit here. You might want to discuss a new TV show, a joke, a funny story about something that happened to you that day, a big royal wedding in the UK, a current holiday in Japan, or the pros and cons of buying a hoverboard. Just stay within the forum rules and have fun.

What Topics are Worst for Conversations?

There’s nothing wrong with bringing up a topic that is more of interest in one nation over another. It can be educational for everyone. Serious topics may arise and that can be just as interesting as a fun discussion. There only things that are absolutely off-limits are ones that break the forum rules from the outset. Some threads turn into something unintended, like a thread full of spam and those will be removed if they get too far for easy moderation. If you want to bring up a controversial subject here, it isn’t against the rules to do so, but you might want to give it some thought before you make a choice. Controversial topics can turn unfriendly fast and feelings can get hurt, so a thread like that won’t stay up. A buyer who is just checking out the forum might see a thread full of angry posts and be put off enough to remember the usernames and avoid buying from them. So, just because you can make a post doesn’t mean you should. Keep that in mind and make sure you want to do it before you hit the “Post” button. Recall the saying, once on the internet, always on the internet! Even posts/comments that are removed or edited may not be gone as text, and some people are quick with the screenshot button too.

Why Does this Matter?

It may not to everyone. Some people never post or read in this category. If you do, though, keep in mind that everyone here has a common goal. For most it’s to make money and for some it’s to save money by buying budget services. For all it’s to share a community where we support one another, talk about our lives, and work together as colleagues. Colleagues include our buyers because buyers work with sellers and visa versa. Without that, Fiverr wouldn’t be here. For those who do enjoy the forum what you post anywhere matters and since Conversations is the most broad, hopefully this will help make decisions about posting or replying. Happy Buying and Selling!

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I’ve always thought of the ranting pot as the place to vent about a bad experience, and conversations as a water cooler where irrelevant stuff that isn’t necessarily about Fiverr is probably best placed. The other categories are pretty obviously-named.

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I agree. The reason for this post was to offer some things to consider when posting irrelevant stuff. Some topics get heated or turn into flame wars easily and others don’t. So, I didn’t suggest that users could not post those, but if they break the forum rules or get overly disrespectful, they’ll be removed.

These are my thoughts on avoiding that and on taking care about posting something that is bound to offend some sellers and even buyers. (The same would apply to the Ranting Pot.) On other categories Good for thought, I guess, but that’s it.

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I loved what you said about buyers and sellers being colleagues, and people remembering the usernames of angry posters and avoiding buying from them.

A long, long time ago, I used to write for a peer review site where people would get paid for their ramblings, and one of the categories was about the site itself. Most of the reviews were full of vitriol about how badly paid the writers were and about how spiteful the readers were for rating the content of some of the reviews as less than very useful. I can remember pointing out that this was still our shop window and that the wares were not exactly being displayed at their best there!

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