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50% Response Rate


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My response rate went from 100% to 50% overnight (literally). I have responded to every inquiry with the exception of an inquiry I received with a message that Fiverr would block this person. Should I have tried to respond to that person? I didn’t have an option to, because or the block Fiverr put on. There was no box to type into or anything. I went back to check it. It really was a spam message, so I didn’t think much of it, until I say my rating.

I have a 100% order rating with no cancellations, but I’m worried that this will impact a buyer’s willingness to work with me.

I’ve worked so hard to provide great customer service.

Any advice or thoughts will be appreciated.

Thank you,

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Update: A very kind seller viewed my stats on his end and told me that my rate hasn’t dropped. I’m guessing this is warning thing, system glitch, or something else. I would like to know if not responding to spam that Fiverr blocked impacts our response scores. I don’t get many messages, so I wonder.

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Hey there.

This kind of thing has happened to me a number of times. When a spammer messages you, sometimes they are blocked automatically by Fiverr and you are unable to respond. However, your stats still take the hit. If you contact Customer Support via a ticket submission and explain your situation, they’ll resolve it quickly.

Hope that helps with your situation!

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