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Need some serious advice


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Buyers are not giving any feedback, orders are getting completed automatically, if there is no feedback other cannot see how many orders are successfully completed, new arrival will remain new arrival
My question is How to explain buyer to give review/feedback when order is delivered
I am sure that I am not alone, other sellers might be facing same situation
Thanks for an early input

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Some buyers do that…We cannot force the buyers to send the feedback…you can just request them at the time of delivery to send them a feedback…sometimes it may be possible that they are not hundred percent satisfied with your work…in that case they choose to not send the review…so remember no review is better than a bad review (someone suggest me the same here at forum when is asked the same query)

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Buyers indeed do that indeed.

What i do is, you know you can have a standaard text right? You can add like your signature and so on and click the button to add this standaard text to a message.

So what i do is i have this standaard text line i use after every delivery i made.

It goes like this: ---------------

Kind regards,
Your name and last name

Compagny name | Countryname

We would like to hear your feedback. If you like what i / we made for you than please rate our product by giving it up to 5 stars.

This is something you can do, or something similar to this in your own words.
90% of my buyers allways feedback when i deliver my product(s) to them.

The same counts after every message i get, if it is in my inbox or in a order someone made, i allways end with the same text line that i have saved. When i do this my custommer know’s he is taking with a professional, not just someone that sells his gigs on Fiverr like miljon other people do. I want to give my custommer the feeling that i am the one he needs and not someone els, even when he has a higher or better rate than i do. Be professional, let them know they are king and that you do everything for them to keep them happy untill the end you deliver your work.

If you don’t try, ull never know.

Best of luck,

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Yes lot’s of buyers they don’t leave feedback, usually what I do is after 2-3 days of my delivery I am asking the buyer if he got my got my video alright, ( I mostly do videos) I also mention if there is anything further that I can help with.

I don’t ask for feedback but about 20-30% of the buyers are reviewing after my message.

Also some time ago I have read and kept a text another seller was using and has post it in a forum was as bellow if you like to use.

Dear Buyer,
I just want to ask a small favor… can you please leave some feedback for me
See, when you do not leave a written positive review,

  1. Fiverr interprets that as you may not be happy with my work.
  2. 3 more days are added onto the 14 days I have to wait to get paid only $3.92 for this gig…
  3. It may affect my Fiverr standing in a negative way, like my rating.
    If you’re not happy, please let me know here.
    If you are happy, please take a moment, leaving just some kind words in the feedback box or just a thumbs up I will appreciate it very much.

I hope this helps

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