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How I could Claim my money which was not sent to my Paypal


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I am in big trouble. I am a freelancer in Fiverr. So After 2 month I earned some amount there and decided to withdrawl my amount. I was new in Paypal that’s why I added my personal email ID as my Paypal account and click on wothdraw. But Unfortunetly I realize that I have no Paypal account . So, I create a Paypal account using that email. I check my Mailbox and saw that I got a mail from Fiverr/Paypal like the attached picture.
At the Claim your money now button (See the Attached File) the link behind it is the sign up link on Paypal. I have logged in my Paypal Account and do all the required task. But still the amount was not received. I contacted with Paypal support but They said that the transaction was denied as at that moment the account was not available. They told me to Contact to Fiverr Support and tell them to send the amount again.
I contact to Fiverr Support and They are telling that the amount was not refunded to them so they can’t send the amount again.
I also asked them to provide the Transaction ID. The Fiverr Team also provide me that.
I contact Paypal support team again and they told me that I can’t claim the amount , as the transaction was denied, They told me to contact Fiverr team and tell them to claim the money back.
After that I again contact with Fiverr Support Team and they told me that the Transaction is still unclaimed. and the mail that I got from them have a link for claiming the amount .
Now what should I do… 😦 May be the amount is small, But this is my first Freelancing income.
Please Help
Thank you

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