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Where do you upload bigger files?


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Hi 🙂

Yes, as madmoo says zippyshare every file is up to 200 MB but you can upload as many files as you wish, The only thing is that it remains there for les than a month if I remember right. Also Adrive is an option. The free service lets your - as large as you want - file remain there for about 2 weeks.

So I use the free service of dropbox that has not limited time. Up to now I have done a test with Dropbox. I uploaded and downloaded a zip file and a rar file around 650 MB! It took me 6 hours to upload but downloading took only 15 minutes!!! You compress your folder and upload it to the ‘Public’ folder of Dropbox. Then you share the link with whoever you want.

Hope that helped 🙂

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Reply to @kenaussie:

dropbox is a free server on the web and as far as I know Fiverr allowes sellers to deliver a public link on dropbox that lets your buyer safely download a zip folder that contains your too large files (the ones you can not upload on Fiverr’s delivery box). I know that many Top Rated Sellers on Fiverr use that option without problems up to now

Of course there are more free servers one can use.

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Dropbox is certainly the easiest way to overcome Fiverr’s maximum file size. Stating it in your gig at the bottom is also a good way for the buyer to know more about how you deliver especially when it’s a large file size service you’re offering. FileDropper is also and efficient way of handling your content. Although not free, it’s still only 99cents a month for 5GB storage with the ability to automate the expiry of your delivery links.

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If a file is too large to upload, how can it be marked as “delivered?”

I just completed a gig, and the file was HUGE. It could not be uploaded, so I gave the buyer a link instead; however, I got an email stating my gig was delivered late.

How can I avoid this in the future?

Thanks for your advice in advance!

P.S. I tried to find the answer before submitting this, but evidently, I didn’t have the right search phrase.

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Simple: First of all!

Tell your client that the file is big and you’ll send a sample to stay in the portfolio and you get that and compress it to fit in the 150Mb delivery.

Send your file to your e-mail with http://www.wesendit.com

Copy the link and paste it in a message after you delivered.

Ta daaaaaaaa! The simplest and most professional way to do it.


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Hello Friends!

Sometimes fiverr doesn’t let you upload large files to its system or it’s attachment button is not working sometimes. All of you may have faced this issue already. Some of you may know the solution and some of you don’t.

Here are three best solutions to overcome this issue.

www.dropbox.com is the most famous file sharing site in the world. you can upload your files to dropbox and click on the share button. So you will be given two options either send through email or share the link given. Since fiverr doesn’t let you ask for sellers email you have to choose this link sharing option. You can copy the link given for your uploaded files and give it to your seller. So he can access to those files and download them


www.jumpshare.com is exactly same as the dropbox. Once you upload files to Jumpshare you can copy the link usings the “Copy link” button on the top right corner and give it to your seller.



www.wetransfer.com. This is much better for sharing very large files. you can upload the file and then choose the link as sharing option. So, once the file uploaded to the system you will be give a link. but please note that these files will be remain on the system for just 7 days.


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