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Tips for setting up your gig


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I saw some peoples are afraid of their first order, I checked some Facebook Groups related to fiverr and peoples are like crazy for getting their first order, Some using using gig exchange for getting some reviews, which is totally against fiverr TOS and conditions.

3 Quick Tips For Setting Up Your GIG:

  1. USE ATTRACTIVE IMAGES: This is important to use attractive images for your gig. This is will great if you hire a graphics designer for your gig picture, Trust me this will worth you. Other marketplaces changes membership fees, Fiverr doesn’t charge anything, So you can spend $10-15 for your gig images, That will really worth.

  2. WRITE AWESOME DESCRIPTION THAT CONVERTS: Writing a good description is important. Write really something interesting to your gig that really attracts buyers, This will help you getting sales. Trust me…A good description can inspire buyers for purchasing your gig. This is important to put a description without any grammatical errors. Write short, Keyword targeted & meaningful things in the description.

  3. TAGS: Tags are the most important thing for setting up your gig. This is important to put tags in your gig. Do not skip tags, Use all 5 tags for your gig. Tags are important for showing up your gigs in the fiverr search result, So this step is important.
    Put tags related for your gig keywords and fiverr system will automatically suggest you related tags, Which you can easily find the suitable tags for you.

By following this things you can create an awesome portfolio in fiverr and start selling your gigs. Be smart and present yourself to people…You’ll have success.

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