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How long do you have to wait?


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Hey guys!

I’m new, and frankly, a bit confused.

After buying a few gigs I decided to start my own, last week.

Since then I’ve been unable to find either my gig or my user, using the search.

The gig is live and I guess it’s possible to find it someway. But I cant find it either by search or by categories.

I’ve searched and read the forums but havn’t found anything that really compares to my problem.

Is this normal? Will the gig and user appear in time? Did I do something wrong?
This is the gig in question: https://www.fiverr.com/olakjellsson/turn-a-vacation-photo-into-a-piece-of-art

I thought I’d check with you guys before I start messing with the support.

Thanks for your time and any answers!

Best regards from

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Usually in 24-48 hours you should be able to find your gig at least in search by full title. You do show up in user search.

If it was in the beginning of last week then i would open a support ticket, if it was closer to the end of the week i would wait a bit longer. Wouldn’t hurt though to open a ticket and at the same time become more familiar with the ticket system in the support center.

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