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Buyers: Narrowing Down Your Search for a Seller


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When you need a service on Fiverr, it can be daunting to find the right one and to sort through the options. I hope it might be helpful to have a consolidated tip on 3 ways to help find the seller for you.

1.) If you have the time to really do your homework and have a flexible budget, the Fiverr home page (www.fiverr.com)</b? is a good place to start but it can take some time. You can browse through gigs using filters to see what your options are. If you need someone inexpensive, you may be willing to wait longer and/or take a risk on someone newer. You can sort to find people who have longer delivery times (7 days for example) or are new-Level 1. You can also search by keyword, but keywords are most useful to search for a specific task. Searching for “retro flier poster” will narrow your search for someone to design a poster in a retro style instead of just any type.

2.)if you have a very narrow budget or perhaps you can spend more but you want a seller who is likely to be active and fast, it can be useful to look in the forum under My Fiverr Gigs. http://forum.fiverr.com/categories/your-fiverr-experience/my-fiverr-gigs/

The My Fiverr Gigs forum has ads written by sellers at all levels. There tend to be more new sellers than leveled sellers, but it’s not exclusive, some level 2 and Top Rated Sellers put ads there too. What you know by looking at new sellers in My Fiverr Gigs is that the newer sellers there are likely to be “hungry” and may have lower prices and faster delivery. You will have to use some caution since newer sellers may still be learning their way around, but when you find a good one you’ve got a treasure! What you know by looking at recent ads in My Fiverr Gigs is that if you spot a level 2 or TRS advertising there, they are currently active and may be looking for new clients, so some of them will be more flexible than a TRS who already has 75 orders in queue or a TRS who has gigs up but hasn’t delivered or advertised in a couple of months or more. In the big picture, My Fiverr Gigs is often under-utilized and not all buyers know about it, so be sure to check it out for some diamonds in the rough.

3.) If you have an usual need that will require something hard to find on Fiverr, Buyer Requests may be for you. (https://www.fiverr.com/manage_requests/new?) For example, if your best friend loves cats and has a sense of humor, you could put up a request in Buyer Requests asking for someone who will sing Happy Birthday while dressed up as a cat, or someone who will dress a cat in silly clothes and put a Happy Birthday Sign besides it. That would be hard to find just browing through the Fun and Bizarre category, but in Buyer Requests you have an excellent chance of finding a unique service of some kind by writing up a specific request or just saying that you are "looking for a [gift/video/homeade card/unique idea] for [friend/boss/employee/maid]. On the other hand, Buyer Requests may yield too many bids if you are looking for a straightforward service you could have found on the Home Page or in My Fiverr Gigs.

I hope that helps, and just keep in mind that Fiverr gives lots of ways to find what you need, and the Fiverr Home Page, the forum category My Fiverr Gigs or the Buyer Requests option all have their own pros and cons. Good luck!

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