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What do you think about "recommended" layout?


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When you stroll down to the bottom of a gig’s page, you see:
“OTHER GIGS BY (same seller’s name)”

underneath that:
"RECOMMENDED FOR YOU IN (name of same category)

I just noticed this, because I sent a message with a question about someone’s gig … who I thought was the same seller of a different gig. The font and layout of both sentences are exactly the same, so I didn’t even notice.

For buyers, I guess it’s not a big deal at all.

But I started thinking about this as a seller. I feel that if someone has clicked on one of my gigs, that is a huge step in a seller’s long term success (don’t forget that just like in any business, browsers are potential future customers). So if it were up to me, I would prefer that the second sentence ("recommended for you in…) would not appear on my gig’s page. I have 11 gigs total, and this is the best chance for buyers to notice them.

Thoughts, other sellers? Fiverr?
Thanks, May 🙂

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