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What do people want to buy?


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If you want to know what people want to buy, look at lots of gigs and take notice of the ones that have sold a lot and still have lots in their queue. That will give you some ideas, but it will also tell you that those categories may be very competitive and not easy for a new seller to break into. An even better approach is to just put up some gigs that you know you can give great service on. I see that you do have some gigs up, so if these are things you can do well, you are starting off fine. If they don’t sell, you may have to try some more new ones or change up your titles, descriptions and tags.

The other thing you can do is go to Buyer Requests ( fiverr.com/users/YOUR USERNAME/requests ) and bid on things that buyers are asking for. You will see that some sellers are trying to mis-use that section by offering to sell there and you’ll have to click “remove” on those. Those sellers will be banned if they keep doing it. Ignore them and keep scrolling for the real ones. If you don’t find any related to your gigs, you may have to try some other categories.

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