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Hello Everybody


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Hey Fiverr,

I’m new on the site, and I just wanted to ask you to take a look at my profile, or maybe tell me what I can do better. It seems really funny, and it’s sure that I will put more time in it! Just take a look, and let me hear from you all 🙂 Remember to ask your friends if they are interested in the Danish or Bosnian language.

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Dear Edoedin:

I took a look at your profile:

  1. Get a photo of your whole head. Try to come across as a normal person.

  2. Your profile text:


My name is Edo, and I’m from Denmark. My dad is Bosnian, and my mum is Danish, so in that way have I learned both of the languages. I speak and write the following languages fluently: Danish, English, and Bosnian. I also speak a bit of Spanish and Turkish.

Please send me a message for further information if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you.

Good luck,

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