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I Want to Increase my work on Fiverr...can any one help me?


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Dear Asmara,

  1. I took a crack at cleaning up the text of your profile page:

Hi, I am Asmara, a Graphic Designer.

I have been an awesome graphic designer for three years! Please view my gigs and help me to become established on Fiverr.

As a new seller, I want to show the world that I have a lot to offer.

Thank you,

  1. You should hire an awesome copy writer like emmaki to reword your gigs and gig titles:

I will design a classic and minimal logo for your business

And so on…

  1. Video

  2. Fiverr Academy

  3. Find co-conspirators who don’t have _designer in their Fiverr names to review your gigs.

  4. Use real photographs of yourself rather than stock images…

Good luck,

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As a fraud you will not be able to make it on Fiverr. Your only sale was a logo for another designer from the same location (don’t even mention that one anymore), who is now trying to sell his gig with it!

You both are guys, who use different photo’s from the same girl. Probably because you heard somewhere that gigs sell better if the profile picture shows a girl. The other ‘tip’ you already followed was exchanging reviews by phantom sales.

You see, even if you want to trick people you need a brain stam. Actually my front lobe is collapsing when I come across people like you, because I can’t bear so much stupidity.

Do you actually believe that there are people even more moronic than yourself in order not to see what is going on.

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Ridiculous. The one purchase you have was from another buyer to use on their portfolio. I’m trying to say this as tactfully as possible, but your logos look terrible! The one review you have was probably from a review exchange. I absolutely agree with @mariokluser. I would bet all my earnings on Fiverr that you wont succeed unless you change something.

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Then the buyers of Miriam_designer
Buyers have eyes to see. Be yourself. We know that you are a dude. put your profile pic, You also have the option to add a video to your gig and that way you will get orders. Trying to fool buyers is just like fooling yourself.
Open your eyes and see.

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