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Scammers new method to scam sellers on Fiverr


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Hi fellows, Forgive me for any grammatical mistakes in my post.

Today I want to talk about a new way which was used by bad people to scam sellers. I have decided to write about this matter right after one of my good friend faces this problem twice. Me and another third were friend also scammed with this new technique once.

First of all the bad guy will order something at your gig and you will deliver the required thing and he will even confirm the order too. But soon after few days he will contact the support team that ‘you’ had did some kind of fraud with him. And the support team will come into action and refund the scammer without even asking the seller about what really happened between the two.

I lost 60$ of mine in such a scam months before.

I request the Fiverr support team to at least ask the seller before taking any action.

Because when I was scammed, I was just started on Fiverr and that made me feel very bad. But I continued…!

Good Luck.

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I am sorry to hear about your experience but Fiverr usually doesn’t refund money out of the blue. They tend to look into the issue first before refunding. There must have been a valid reason to why the buyer received a refund.

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