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It pays to overdeliver!


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I had a client who ordered a gig from me, she marked it as complete then came back to say that I had only completed 2/3 of the work. I explained, sending her the details she had given me that I had done all (and more!) that we had agreed but as a sign of good will would do the extra 1/3 for no charge.

She agreed, on seeing what she had sent to me that she had made the mistake not me, but accepted my offer to do the extra for free. I was okay with that, as I want repeat clients and to make sure that every one of them is 100% satisfied.

As I delivered the extra I saw another order from her and discovered that she had felt bad about her mistake and wanted to pay for the extra work!

It was a lovely gesture, as I had been happy to do the extra for her to make sure she was happy, and she showed her gratitude by paying for the work I had been happy to do for free.

So, over delivery definitely pays!!

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Reply to @madmoo:

I understand your concern over a tip from a stranger!

I agree that when someone is polite it is nice to help them out with a little extra. I also agree that when someone wants a whole novel for $5 I have no interest in helping them out, and yes, I have had that request several times!

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Reply to @matt_garry:

That’s a great point. I hope that by over delivering on the small gigs, I can get to where you are!

Well done on getting $100 gigs, considering how happy I was about a $5 tip on a $20 gig, getting $100 gigs must be a really great feeling!!!


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Thanks allason for sharing

I see over-delivery as a win-win situation. You feel generous and the buyer feels happy. And either you get the buyer coming back for more either you get your tip as some of you said or even both 🙂 Anyway sellers give too much for these 5 dollars (4 dollars). So generosity is already there!

happy gigging 🙂

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it is always good to make sure the buyer of your products is happy, by what you did allason its good. conscience always come after the person and that is why she gave another work,a sign of being sorry.

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Thanks for this thread 🙂 I just got a gig that is asking for more than the original gig offers but I’m not leveled yet, so I don’t have any add on’s for my gigs. I was initially feeling like I was being taken advantage of, but since it is only one additional item ( a total of five instead of the four being offered) I think I’ll do it with out a mention. As soon as I level to where I can have add on’s I’ll make sure I’m paid for each item I work on.

Thanks again!

Orly aka Fairyxena



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