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Buyer\'s logic


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When working on Fiverr, you need to understand that about 30% of people who send you messages are about as educated and self-aware as a horseshoe.

Your best option is to say something like:


That’s great, if you order my gig I’ll have this to you shortly.

Kind Regards,

Then just move on. Don’t negotiate prices, don’t expect a reply, don’t even expect an order. You have given them all the information they need and it’s up to them to take action.

If these people don’t order, it’s likely because they want work cheaper, are a third party who’s original buyer has changed their mind about something or just aren’t interested anymore. Don’t stress about that, though, it happens to everyone.

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I suggest that if you are sending message with grammertical mistake then buyer will not play order to your gig because he understand that you don’t know perfect English.If you don’t know perfect English then how can you solve any problem if you face about project ?

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