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Contacting buyers outside fiverr -instant money-


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How i feel everytime i tell a buyer “Sorry sir, i can’t contact you outside fiverr.com


Feels good, feels like you belong here and respect the website that gave you a chance to make your life better…

Alot of sellers will be tempted and start thinking, should i do it ? should i contact him and make instant money instead of waiting 14 days ?

Well you can do that yes, but, you can also get caught and have your account terminated, you will loose reviews, sales and all what you worked for since you joined, and belive me no matter how much you say you’re sorry or beg you will not get your account back, because you betrayed the deal between you and Fiverr.

So choose : making a deal outside fiverr and getting instant money but loosing your account and many future potential buyers, or respecting the website and be patient and make great things in the future ?

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