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Need Suggestion/Advice for seller


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I’m new here. I open my account on FIVERR Dec. 2015 but start publishing GIG from the previous month.

I got 6 GIG order here. I want to more sale for my GIG and want to know more about seller safety. Some people come to cheat after their task get completed. They say some nonsense excuses and ask for revision and Refund. We work hard for doing their job successful at a very lowest price, but they come to cheat us.

So if you guys know how to handle this type of buyer or what kind of safety tips need follows to dealing with a client please tell me. I’m waiting for your Suggestion

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Unfortunately, sometimes there are buyers that try to take advantage of you – they feel they can buy the world with $5.

I have started putting things like “Message me before ordering to discuss the gig and work to be performed” in my descriptions. I think it’s important to have a written (on messages) track of what they want you to do. If you do all the work they ask and deliver it on time an they ask for a revision, you can do the revision (if you want) or refund them.

Ask them what they want revised. Sometimes it’s small… like in my voice-over gig I mis-pronounced name so they asked me to fix it; I did that for free and no hassle because I messed up. But if I wrote them an article on a topic and they asked for a revision because they didn’t like it, I would not revise it. I would tell them that they paid for X number of words on the topic and that I provided them with that (usually I over-deliver, just to be safe. If a writing is 500 words I’ll deliver 540-570 words). Their “personal taste” is not an acceptable reason for them to ask for a refund. This is really common in logo design – seller designs something and a buyer claims not to like it, but uses it anyway.

If your buyer demands a refund, ask them to clearly articulate what is wrong with your work. Say that if they can explain what the problem is, you may be able to fix it. If they refuse to explain themselves and demand a refund, contact Customer Services. Send screenshots of the conversation showing an uncooperative buyer who is trying to rip you off.

There are some safety tips I would have for you.

  1. If it’s a very large order, ask to do a sample for them first. If they want $100 of work (let’s say it’s writing 10 blogposts of 1000 words each) ask them to place an order for $10 for one article. You can tell them that you want to make sure they like their work before they spend so much on you – that will make them think you’re thoughtful and not trying to rip them off (which is true) but it also covers you! If you perform write 10k words and they don’t pay you, that’s so much time you’ve lost! Create a rapport with a buyer – small jobs that show you do quality work on work so they see that you are low risk… and you see that they are communicative, cooperative, collaborative and will pay you!

  2. State exactly what you will do in your gigs and when an order is placed, review the requirements and then send them a message that says something like. “Thanks for ordering! I see you want (gig details). I will deliver (explanation of services) by (date). If you have any questions, message me to discuss!” This way, you’ve reiterated multiple times what your gig entails and the work that you will perform.

  3. Big jobs are very tempting – earn $50 in one gig! But they are also high risk. Especially as a new seller, it’s better to have a lot of reviews than it is to make a lot of money. A lot of reviews eventually leads to a lot of gigs which leads to a lot of money. So start small and grow, don’t just leap into the big leagues.

  4. Be able to demonstrate proof of your work. With writing, photo editing, etc. the proof is your delivery. But for stuff like marketing/advertising/traffic on a blog, this is not so easy to prove. Take screenshots of you work – however you can (I’m not very well versed in these gigs, sorry) so you can prove that you’ve worked. I’ve found that being polite and firm with buyers in negotiations leads to a better resolution. Say something like “You asked for this. We provided it; attached is proof. I apologize if the results were not as you expected, but I performed all of the work I said I would. I can work with you to provide a resolution, but a refund is not acceptable.” If they continue to complain, take it to Customer Support. Show CS your work and how you performed exactly to instructions.

That was a long response, but bad buyers are a total hassle on Fiverr and can be so difficult to deal with. I hope it gets better for you!


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Hi , i am fiverr since 2011 and this is very normal things you need clearly give client what you exactly do for this gig and for that price and also you need get clear understand what client need and you can do before start work and these will help you to avoid refunds.

Add this type Note on top of the gig but remember there are some client never satisfy so you have to let them go …!!!

“Prefect If you could contact me and discuss before ordering”


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