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Just some helpful (and unique, maybe) tips on fiverr


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I just hit 20 reviews a few days ago, and except for one buyer who wanted more than he paid for, I got really good feedback. Now all of the sudden people are messaging me every hour and want their job done. (Although it’s mostly translating into Korean…Meh) Before I hit 20 reviews, I had to go on to buyer’s request and do crazy stuff for very little money(Like translating 1500 words for 5 dollars), but once I hit 20 people were just lining up to pay me.

So enough of me bragging about myself, here’s the tip. Just do everything that you can to get 20 reviews, whether it be verifying your phone number for a Korea Starbucks card, or sending a recorded cheating phone conversation to another person. (Yeah, I did both of those) Just break that line, do whatever you can, and then you will be able to have regular and repeating buyers!

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