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Fiverr is interesting when you getting orders. But so frustrating when you not


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There are pluses and minuses to this, bestchoice007. The minus is that with no work, there’s no money or extra money earned. The plus side that I can think of is, while there are no Fiverr sales active, the time otherwise spent on those would be a good time to work on something else like writing a book or finishing a home project. But yes, I hear ya man. It can be frustrating when you get orders and then don’t get them for a while. We don’t know if it’s the Gig itself or the Gig’s description, or the timing… it could be a bunch of factors.

What helps me feel better in situations like this, is reading some forum topics or Fiverr Blog articles that help with stuff about improving Gigs, self-marketing or how to handle a more difficult situation. I’m using some of this extra time now to read up on things to do or avoid as a seller or learning from others. There are some pretty fascinating discussions out here in the Fiverr Forums… you never know, maybe one discussion or piece of advice you find might be the motivation you need to take the action or make the change that could improve your sales.

Good luck, bestchoice007. I hope this at least alleviates some of frustration you do have, if not all of it.

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