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This is my humble review about Fiverr


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First, I am trying to use Fiverr as a buyer.
I am frustrated, trying to use Fiverr

Second, the 300 chars limit for describing the work I need to be done is very frustrating, I didn’t be able to describe half the job, and published the request half incomplete.

Apart of that, Fiverr seems to has problems remembering profile information

the damn “Aquí es dónde realizas tu lanzamiento a compradores potenciales. Describe tus antecedentes, tu pasión y tu personalidad.”, and “¿Cuál es tu historia en una línea?” (spanish), appears again and again, don’t matter what I do, if I change them, and click on SAVE green button, then I exit the profile section, go back, and that two sentences was again, as if I never setup that information.

So, I can’t present correctly my profile, and then I can’t explain well, a job to be done.

So, Fiverr is hardly unusable as it is right now, and very frustrating.

Yes, I readed already all the TIPs for buyers and sellers forum thread.

Also reviewed the FAQ, as being it just like another forum section, hardly one can find sonmething there.


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Regarding the first problem, if you have a very detailed description of your request, put it in a document and attach it. This means you can lay it out more clearly and also means that you will get less replies that are irrelevant.

Regarding the setting up your profile, I have had issues with some data entry areas of Fiverr, including the profile, the customer support tickets and even the Forum at times. Nearly every time the problem has been solved when I delete my browser history. No idea why, but it has worked for me.

Hope you will give it another go as Fiverr is really useful!

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