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How I started making my 2nd Million Dollars on Fiverr


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While many of you rockers here try to keep it all a secret and while tons of new blind sellers following one eyed prophets, who don’t make any sales themselves, I decided to share my secret how I started making my second million dollars on Fiverr.

Before I go ahead, please forgive me my typo’s as I’m typing fast and have to go to pee actually.

Here we go:

After I noticed that I wasn’t able to make my first million dollars here, I decided to go the easy way. Thus I just started making the second one. Once this is achieved I will start with the first one.

You see, it’s that easy. You just have to do it the other way around.

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This is very similar to how I learned to fly from a book by a late philospher and towel owner.

To fly is very simple. No wings needed.

For your practice run (Phase 1):

*Wad up a sizable ball of paper (make it big so it’s more difficult) and stand at some distance from a large object, like your house or a great dane. (While both are technically in motion all the time, the great dane appears to move faster which may help your learning process.)

*Throw the ball of paper carefully at the object but be careful not to actually hit it. The further you miss it, the better. If you accidentally hit the object, practice until you can consistently miss.

Phase 2, Flying:

*Climb on top of a sizable object like your house or a great dane. (The great dane is not as suitable for this step.)

*Jump off.

*Carefully attempt to miss the ground/floor. You should be in flight for a very short time even if you accidentally hit the ground, so it works in all cases, but for sustained flight you may need to practice missing the ground until you can completely avoid it and fly for longer periods of time.

Note: I am still in Phase 1, but I’ll get there.

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$1 million/ $2 million is nothing… most young investment bankers and grads from top MBA colleges make that kind of money per year. Senior investment bankers and senior managers in Fortune 500 companies make a lot more than that, anything from $5 million to $15 million. That was the path my parents wanted me to go on, but it didn’t work out and here I am writing articles for $5 on Fiverr. Still it could have been worse, I could be earning $0 and doing nothing.

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Great book! Once I get my flying perfected, I’ll see you in the sky. We and all his other fans will be the only people flying around out there, to the envy of others. Maybe when we both get to 4M earned we can drop some money on the lowly non-fliers out there.

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