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"Ask The Seller" feature.. "pre-order stage"

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Although I like the inbox and how it is, not everyone that buys from me asks me ahead of time before ordering my very specifically-toned gigs, despite saying what the gig offers. I am thinking a “pre-order” stage where the seller and buyer can actually confirm 100% to know they’re on the right page as to what the gig entails before a gig order is fully placed. More of not necessarily a “deny or accept” order phase, but more of a phase where a “mutual cancellation” won’t effect the seller when there is a mis-order, or they misunderstood the intent of the gig. Anyone for this? I think it’s a good idea, and I hope I was clear in explaining it! I am sure there is probably a lot of flaws in my idea, but perhaps someone can think of an even better method?

Also wanted to highlight this to be an “optional” thing that sellers can add to certain specialized gigs of their choosing.

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