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I need your thoughts on this problem that I have


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Dear fellow fiverr sellers&buyers,

1 month ago a guy contacted me to order 15 different graphic designs and we negotiated for $50 per each design… Total of $750.
The guy ordered through custom offer for total of $750.
The order was completed and the guy also reviewed it with 5 stars review, everything was perfect…

After 14 days, the $600 (after fees) were cleared and they were in my account ready to withdraw…
2 weeks after the funds were cleared and in my account balance, they simply disappeared and now in the order page i see:

Of course I contacted the customer support regarding this problem…

Their explanation was that the guy was using not legit credit card and that is why I am not getting MY HARD EARNED MONEY.
I totally understand that, but I think that I deserve some of the funds, since I actually worked for that money and no one seems to care…

Does anyone has any advice / had experience like this before… This is 2nd time this happens to me - the first was not big deal like $170…

Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

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I am so sorry, this sucks! There have been cases where sellers where actually able to get their payment and worked it out with support but this rarely happens and one of them was a TRS.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do except learn from it. Don’t take any big orders any more and make sure to split these into smaller ones. I had a $ 500 order once and split it into 3 different orders for protection.

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