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Scam on fiverr... no1 does nothing


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I got scam on fiver…

I bough 3k instagram followers on fiver… After 2hours I was messeged by seller he done order… he did not do anything with my account, not even 1 viewer added…

I requested revision and I messeged complain center like… 5-8 times? nothing happened?

User was deleted so I was waiting for money back, but after 3 days I got order marked as delivered and not one … message from me was taken serios… WTF!!!

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Buying followers is ridiculous anyway and selling them is not actually allowed.
If you sent a ticket to customer service and quoted the name of the seller, the order number and your complaint then I find it difficult to believe that they did nothing.
It is strange that you cannot remember whether it was 5 or 8 times you sent messages. I imagine that is because you sent rambling complaints talking about scams etc.
When writing to customer service, you just need to explain the issue clearly and then wait 24-48 hours, not continually spam them.

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