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Workaround for "Description uses excessive use of the word..." problem


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After hours of frustration and thesaurus-hunting, I still couldn’t find out a way to stop getting the error in red “Description uses excessive use of the word: Book”.

I HAD to use the word “Book” as my gig is about book trailers. so i thought of replacing the alphabet “O” in the word “Book”.

I copied a text variation of the alphabet O from wikipedia page, and pasted it in place of the normal letter O.

check my gig page for example. https://www.fiverr.com/z_farrukh/make-a-stunning-book-trailer

for example:

To a reader, the word stays the same, but for fiver, they are different words. You can also do the same for other vowels and alphabets.

I hope this helps!

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I wrote a new gig description that day but it somehow didn’t get saved. I with my own eyes saw the message that “changes (were) saved” when i clicked the green save button, but a few minutes later when I refreshed the page, the old description was unchanged.

this is the reason you did not find the word BOOK in there.

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