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How to Become Top Rated Seller


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Hey Fiverr community!! Wow do I Love being part of this unique organization. I mean where else can somebody turn their passions and uniqueness into a GIG…and make decent money.

Currently I sell Video Testimonials on Fiverr. Matter of fact I just finished doing one. Everytime I finish with a testimonial I chuckle just a little bit because I would of never guessed I could actually make a stream of income doing this. It’s awesome!!

Currently I am an inspiring Actor and fiverr has let me sharpen my skill by selling Testimonials. Being an Actor requires you to have good timing delivering lines. Every Testimonial I do, I look at it as a way to rehearse my timing. So far so good. I haven’t signed my big Tom Cruise deal yet…but I’m having lots of fun being part of this community!!

Anyway I really want to step up my game and become a Top Rated Seller here on this platform. I feel like I’m on my way. I’m just curious how did you do it?

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