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Newbie here looking for any tips and advice


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Hi my name is Robert. About 1 week ago I came accros this website and I must say, I already love it! I have my own IT company and can deliver anything a company needs. Also have a lot of complex (remote or on location) computer solving experience and I created about 100 websites for different kind of companies and personal pages.

About 3 months ago i got an car accident and recovery is going slowly. I want to start working again and I think this website is perfect for getting me on the go again. I was thinking on creating websites for people (small simple or complex) or solve computer problems remotely.

I have created 2 gigs now but not sure if everything is fine now and if this will work they way I entered all the info. I cannot find my gigs anywhere.

Any interest, comments, help etc is welcome!

Thank you in advance!

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I suggest you take care of your gig description, add more text in list style to show what you offer and what they get for what price and what are the requuirements, people hate reading a simple long paragraph, add lists and staff, check my gig to see what i mean…

For your remote support gig i suggest you change the picture because it looks creepy and people will not take you seriousily, use a more pro simple picture or a picture of you edit it add text in it about what you do or something interesting…

Good luck 🙂

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Je hebt een link naar een externe chat service op je profiel staan. Dit is tegen de ToS van Fiverr en kan je je account kosten. Dit is het eerste wat ik zou verwijderen. Het is niet toegestaan buiten Fiverr om te communiceren. Zeker niet zo overduidelijk, lol.

Bij die gig met ‘remote support’ kan je het bested de titel aanpassen naar ‘do remote support’ ezv. Anders klinkt de titel een beetje raar met ‘I will…’ ervoor.

Ik heb geen tijd om al je gigs te bekijken, maar bij de boven genoemde zou ik iets duidelijker in de omschrijving zijn. Ik heb zelf mijn halve leven in de IT gezeten en weet dat dit een vak is waar je iemand de kleine vinger geeft en ze rukken je beide armen uit als je niet uitkijkt met wat je afspreekt.

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Hi Dear,

I’m here now almost 4 months. I’m really happy to say that now I’m fulltime work on Fiverr. This is really cool site. You will get good income. I’m getting average $2000 per month.

What I done to increase my sales ,

-Use really good front image

  • Offer something different… like you can offer unlimited Revisions. Buyers really like that. But don’t worry buyers will request max 5 times revision 🙂 but end of the order you will get nice Rating and Review m. So it will increase your sales.

-Use some " money back guaranty "in your gig discription.
if you do your job 100% buyers will never ask money back. Instead they will Tip you; ). But Buyers really love to order from you when they see it on your gig discription…

Hope this will help you.
By the way sorry for my English

Thank You

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