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How to feature my gig or my profile!


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HI dear friends,

How fiverr select a seller to a featured star… is there any criteria like the seller need minimum this much of 5 stars,or he or she has to complete this much of years in fiverr…!

pls share your views or if anybody knows.

Thanks a lot…Have a good day!

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Featured gigs are selected by fiverr editors based on the quality of the gigs
Top rated sellers also selected by FE based on the number of sales, reveiws, positive ratings, quality…there isn’t a specific number, you could reach 2000 reveiws but still not a top rated seller of featured, another one can make just 500 reviews and becomes a TRS

bottom line, you just keep working and enjoy the money you make and make sure you keep your positive rating between 99 and 100%…

Good luck

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