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My success story


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Hello (start-)sellers!

I’ve been on Fiverr for a year and I really want to share some tips with you guys. (Although I hope graphic design clients will only order my gigs, these tips are also for starting graphic designers.)
When I started in April 2015, it all begin very calmly. After a month, I got maximum 3 orders a week. Although I offered a lot of gig extras, no one ever bought them… Month by month, people started spending much more and coming back. During the last 2 months, I got multiple orders every day because of the following criteria:
• You need excellent reviews! Do not ask for them, as it’s rude and it will have an inverse result. Just offer an excellent service by always being kind. Do whatever you can, but don’t let everyone benefiting you. They’ll come back!
• You need great thumbnails. Most of the services are offered by 100+ sellers who all want to sell their gigs. Yours have to stand out by an attractive image that clearly shows your service. You can design it by yourself or ask a Fiverr seller of course.
• You have to be very responsive. My response time is 1h. Download the app on your phone and don’t wait answering someone. When you’re the late, the buyer could have already contacted another buyer.
• Before setting up your own gig, look at the others. Look at what they offer and how much they’re asking for it. Stand out by a cheaper price or an extra service!

I hope these tips can help you to start your Fiverr adventure…


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