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Dance for me, peasant, dance!


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I’m not really clear about how that “request gigs” thing on the front page works, if it’s anything more than a suggestion for someone to post a new gig. But if someone wants to point me to a gig where this would be applicable, let me know.

I want a 30-second video of a person dancing sadly in front of the camera, like they don’t want to. They should be visibly/audibly crying and have a sign around their neck that says “$5”. Preferably some sort of happy music playing in the background, I have Cotton Eye Joe in my head as an example. Also the person should be dressed badly.

Even “dancing” is probably too good a word for it, like I don’t expect dancing to the song exactly, more like someone shouted DANCE FOR ME, PEASANT, DANCE! at them and they’re forced to do it.

Any takers?

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Guest pianophantom

I don’t know why I chuckled at this description. Excuse my dark humour. >X>

Strangely wanting to attempt that. But I’ll do it in a half mask >A> (if you don’t mind).

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