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How to earn MORE on fiverr! P2


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(1) First of all be honest and do what you love and don’t push yourself hard by seeing other people grow by doing some stuff. If they can do it doesn’t mean you too can do, you can do only if you too are passionate about it and of course you are an expert and pro of it. SO always offer such things which you can do with comfort.

(2) Keep patience, It’s not always necessary that when we need job somebody has job to offer us, its a matter of timing and its a matter of need arise so if somebody have some job/ request then he or she will look for the person who can help him for their project or artwork.

(3) Be polite, just keep yourself in the shoe of the buyers and see yourself that if you gonna hire yourself for your one job then how many things you will look into yourself, the quality, the delivery time, the communication skills and believe me lot of buyer do judge the seller by communicating with him and during this they might ask you some questions which might pull your eyebrows up so understand the process and learn to lead and communicate with them nicely.

(4) Don’t be a responder, be a jet responder. I mean respond fast to the buyers because people love speed and here are lot of seller who can respond you quicker than you so grab the opportunity buddy.

(5) Be a good communicator, yes be a good communicator, it does not mean how good you do the job if your communication skills are poor then know one will love to buy you again, why so, because everyone loves the shine even you too so people love to exchange words with someone who can understand them and can make them understand.

(6) Don’t underestimate yourself, yes by this mean that don’t just underestimate yourself because does not matter what you sell if you feel low in confidence everything will go to worst so feel good and feel confident and don’t fear to show your expert strengths.

(7) Always give your best, somehow you will feel that some project needs little extra afford which is more than $5 in value then don’t just feel bad make it nice and make it beautiful and explain the buyer before delivering your final project that this project needs extra afford if you can order extra gigs for this then i will be grateful its just a request and if you feel that it does not worth extra gig then i will really appreciate if you can put some nice review and yes believe most of the time it works :x because the person who is doing business with you he or she knows the value of it and chances are you will get extra gigs for this and if not extra gigs then certainly buyer will leave wonderful feedback for you which will help you further to get new order with someone new. But don’t bluff and don’t try to make fool someone by expressing fake inputs so be honest and if you think you deserve more ask them and they will listen to you. And yes some buyer can annoy you for this but deal with quality and calm and you will succeed to win their hurt and then automatically you can pull extra gigs as a new order or nice feedback its always a win win situation.

(8) Before signing up the gig contract, I mean before getting the order understand first what buyer is asking and what you need to full his or her request, never try to win a gig order for the shake of few coins because if for any reason if you fail to satisfy the buyer in quality and service they expect then its a warning alarm for you, you have invited a trouble for yourself for the poor feedback and this will destroy your reputation and will decrease your value.

(9) If for any reason you stuck with some points or feedback and you strongly believe that you deserve justice then never afraid to contact the fiverr customer support these fiverr customer support people are very nice and they do the justice and yes they respond very fast, i have experienced it for one unjustified negative review i got support from fiverr customer care within 30 minutes of my request, the buyer i was working for was very smart and she was trying to take benefit of me by pushing loads of work in just one gig, she loved my job as she told in her comments after my first job draft for her but the moment i expressed the desire politely to buy extra give for extra services which is way more than just one gig she started pushing me back by saying that my work is average and i need to make the work done at just one gig and not in just one gig with loads of extra work too for that order in same one gig. still I delivered her job nicely by valuing her as my fiverr buyer but wow what happened next she expressed that she likes my job but still she gave me a negative review. And i felt very bad about it couldn’t understand what to do i gave my 4 hours to complete that just one $5 gig and i made that job beautiful as she wanted but still she gave me negative review, oh man do i deserve it? NO, i don’t deserve it and i contacted the fiverr customer support by explaining everything and wow they listened to me, the sweet stuff happened and i thanked the support team, it doesn’t matter whether you are a buyer or seller the fiverr customer support guys are always helpful and they do the needful.

(10) Don’t be a copy cat, yes don’t be a copy cat, i have seen in many places on net that copy the top seller gigs and make little changes and offer the gig as your very own but believe me this doesn’t work whether in short run or long run, just be a man guys, do your best and offer your best and market yourself as your own and do things in your own style and offer things in your own way because everyone loves new things and things for better likewise no one can love to see every movie with the same title i guess you got my point.

Hmmm there are many more fresh tips and i will share here on fiverr forum for the betterment of our fiverr community and yes for the better sell and service for the new seller so i am wrapping this story here only and will share the next tips and tops soon with fresh new facts. Right now i am short of time. So guys what you think about all these do you have to say something on this and did you liked this little experience and do you have any more advice for me which i can implement for my own betterment?? SAY ME, SAY HERE, SAY NOW. I would love to see your thoughts here, so, whose gonna say something now ummm??

check me out here… fiverr.com/kumarsingh

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