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How to earn MORE on fiverr! P1


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Well, “earn” is a word the more it grows its tail towards us the more we smile and if it comes to earn more on fiverr then we get bigger smiles O:-) on our face, why so? Because many of us have already quit our full time job and loving to do now whatever we have always dreamed about and the things which are our passion and we enjoy working for again and again every single day with the growing finest quality. Some of us are just part time lover and they spend their spare time to earn extras.

So, the question is how to earn more on fiverr? It has been only few days here on fiverr, today i have just completed my first 30 days and during this I learned few precious recipe of success on fiverr. By profession I am an Art Director, Graphic Designer, 3D artist, Visual Effects artist and a self taught python django based web devolper and since I have spend 8+ years of my career working for some of worlds finest brands of wise category for their branding and artwork related challenges so deciding a gig niche to create on fiverr was not so difficult. On very first day I created a gig related to graphic design to see if I can get some response with it and after learning about the fiverr user interface that what thing is where and studying about the fiverr TOS I thought how come somebody gonna knock me for an order while I am new here and there are thousands of smart experts are offering related services so I decided why not just give a try to the requests coming in right side in green bar to see if i can impress one of my very first buyer and suddenly i saw some nice request were coming in right green bar and the same moment i wrote a two line nice brief about me and my willingness to do that job for that gentleman and voila within 5 minutes I got reply from that buyer and I succeed to make that deal and break my first milestone to get the very first order. :x

Since I am already expert in my area of choices and in my profession i completed that job within 20 minutes and the job done and the buyer gave me nice review. Then my motivation improved and some smile came on my face and I thought if I can make $5 real income in just 20 minute by doing such things which is my passion and i enjoy a lot to do then may be i can make thousands if not million here, slowly my expectations start growing and a sweet dream started growing in my mind and within that hour I got few more orders and this time i hadn’t contacted the buyer the buyer itself had contacted me and had order my gig and now the journey of fiverr fantastic started.

I did one nice job of a gentleman for one of my gig and I earned from him $5 but the way i communicated with him, the way I gave him my expert advice for his project the $5 gig he got really impressed with me and he told me that I was considering to bind up my things with this gig only but after exchanging words with you here on fiverr I am realizing that I need a pro 🙂 to create something nice for me and help me to grow my business with it and you know what that one $5 gig and some sweet communication with honest input and my expert advice I got 16 new orders from him and that one $5 gig and communication helped me to pull 16 x $5 = $80 from him. Nice isn’t it?? 😉

Yes I know you are smiling now and some random dreams have started growing in your mind too.

SO, the reason behind telling this little story to explain some points is people loves real story and they believe in it and if the story is about making buck then everyone loves the story. So, here’s my opinion, experience and advice for making more on fiverr…

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