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"Being patient increase sales?" A question to be answered


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After being here for few months, I thought of writing something for the new Fiverr sellers. I will categorize the Fiverr sellers into two categories, for the sake of understanding; SUPER MARKETS and RETAIL SHOPS. Hahaa don’t be confused, it’s not a technical term in Fiverr, just an example. These examples are not to insult anyone, just for the sake of understanding. 🙂

Now think, when we go to a Super Market, they have mentioned their high prices on the items, what we need to do is pay that amount and buy it, else leave the Super Market. Most of the time, the price of the same item with same quality may be higher than it in a Retail Shop. There’s no option for us to bargain. Most of the time customer’s bargaining power is 0%. And what about a retail shop? Obviously they are somewhat flexible with the prices that they have mentioned. Super Markets have long queues of customers, while Retails Shops try to make satisfy the one or two customers who visit them. What will happen if the shopkeeper scold at the customer? Yes, you are correct, that customer will never visit the shop even for a rain. 🙂 But do Super Markets are also like that? No, not at all. They have a good reputation, a strong customer base, and a competitive advantage of stating the business earlier than others (most of the time).

Now, let’s put this factor into our business on Fiverr. Mmmm…as a “LEVEL 1 SELLER” I feel “TOP RATED SELLERS” are like SUPER MARKETS and NEWLY JOINED YOU and ME like RETAIL SHOPS. Hahaaa… there are “LEVEL 2” SUPER MARKETS also. (I’m not saying patience is necessary only for new sellers, but I think TRSs know how to manage everything properly, and their TRS BADGE helps them up to some extend. - MY OPINION 🙂 ).
When creating a GIG what we do first? What will be our offers? Yes, will put there “I will do bla bla bla… for $5, within 24 hours, and WITH UNLIMITED REVISIONS”. I think this is the most first action that it shows we are IMPATIENCE. Hahaa… now don’t peek into my GIGs and tell; “don’t preach”, this is common to me also, but the worst case is handling the critical situations.

Okay, now think that you have created that “bla bla bla GIG” mentioned above, it doesn’t matter if you can manage it as you’ve described. When looking for a seller, the buyers also will love these options. Now think, such a buyer ordered a GIG from you. You may be able to finish the order with two or three revisions with some buyers, but think that this buyer is asking for revision after revision, and revision after revision, and after some moment you see the notification icon with PINK DOT 🙂 , hopefully you click it, it says “buyer has requested a change to your order” (hahaa… yes, again a revision). When creating the GIG we were impatience and put excellent offers to attract the buyers, at least now start to being patience. 🙂 Who knows, sometimes it may be the last revision he/ she requests. Scolding at the buyer will lead you to the hell. 🙂 Never do that mistake, even I never did.

And also it costs something to upload the same work many times (I mean the payments for Internet Service Providers). Think that this exceeded the revenue of $4 you earn from that “bla bla bla GIG” Are you going to worry about exceeding the data charges than your earning from that particular order? (Now don’t say “no, no, I don’t worry” hahaa), but don’t scold at the buyer, he ordered because you offer. Be patient, sometimes after the finishing job they will give you a TIP and leave a Great Review. Ahhhh…how’s that? 🙂 But the thing will not happen as this always. Again confused? Hahaaa… be patient, sometimes you will get another order from the same buyer. This will helps you to increase the number of sales, which will helpful for your rating.

What will happen if he/ she hasn’t any other work get done by you? Be patient, he/ she will recommend you to others he/ she knows. That will help you to increase the number of sales as described before.

Confused by reading this? If so, there’s a solution, “Be patient”, 🙂 🙂 one day your hard work will pay off.

Thank you for reading the story of another RETAIL SHOP :). Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Even a Super Market was once a Retail Shop. Don’t lose your hopes and keep up good works. Wish you good luck!

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