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Six Months Old Account No Sales!


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What have you tried to get traffic to your gig? There are lots of posts in the Tips forum and some pinned posts at the top of Improve my Gig and My Fiverr Gigs that talk about fixing your gigs and promoting them. Fiverr doesn’t work when if you just make a gig and put it up and do nothing else.

Are you trying to bid on buyer requests? Are you promoting on social media? Are you listening to the Fiverr podcasts for ideas? Are you getting involved in other forums and online communities about the kind of work you do so you might make some contacts that would be interested? These are all important.

I looked at your gig with some interest since I’m also watching for good gigs. I noticed a couple of small things. Your bitly link is technically against the Terms of Service for Fiverr or for the forum. (Shortened links can be dangerous to users.) Just put your Flickr link. Are all of the images on your gig your own original work? Why does your profile say that your team is secret?

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