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Any good buys this week?


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YES! I met an unusually delightful Fiverr artist…not that most of you Fiverrist aren’t delightful, but this guy is supercalifragalisticexpealidoshusly delightful. I wish more Fiverrist would let their hair down and say more than, one sentence after I buy a gig, and send instructions, I get stuff like: “ok sounds good”, and then on delivery, I get something like; “ok heres your work hope you like it”. I sometimes feel like I am communicating with someones smart phone, thats smart enough to take over all the communications with a robotic response. I don’t need much. 2 sentences would be a thrill even. But kidding aside…I would just like to at least know that the artist actually cares more about the project personally, than just the 5 hundred cents they will get when they finish the project. lol. So I say all that to say this.

Russell Taylor has given me the true human experience I have been searching for with my many Fiverrist I use, therefore he will be my star co-writer on every project I can possibly fit his style into, even though I like a lot of variety. Now don’t steal him away from me until I get all my music video work needed for my multiple sites…in about 10 years.

Heres his link: http://fiverr.com/russelltaylor

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In all seriousness and relevant to your post as other people have nothing better to do, this seller provides a great service and will get you sales if you can’t put together a video on your own…


The forum is being tainted with nonsense, so you may want to explore on your own.

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