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Two Least Known But Useful Tips For Fiverr Sellers


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Your gig is your ATM booth, so give your best effort to make it more impressive with new features and offers. There are hundreds of sellers offering same service that you do. So if you want to stand out of this massive crowd, then offer something different. For example, if your basic gig is Design One Stunning Logo for $5, then offer your client one more logo for free. Well, it costs you extra time but it will surely give you some repeated buyers and much more money. You must know that there is no greater promotion than the Word-Of-Mouth. So when you go extra mile for a client, he will certainly be happy and recommend your service to other people.
Hold on, have I mentioned about Tip for extra work?

Another great thing is Guarantee. Give your client guarantee that if they don’t like your work, you will refund them. You will surely be amazed at the result of such guarantees. When you give your clients a guarantee about the quality of your work, it makes them feel confident about your service. So always use some promising lines in your gigs. You can check out my gig to know how I’ve made use of Promising Lines.

However, starting a business is always an uphill task. So keep calm, use the mentioned tips, and go on.

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