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Leave negative review after refund


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I received a gig which was absolutely terrible and has put my main money site in jeopardy - seller did a GSA SER to my main money site rather than the gig that was promised. He has offered me a refund which, as we know, is perhaps the easiest to avoid a negative rating. However, I don’t want to leave a “cancelled” rating as sellers response was very poor and has stated that he will delete the links-which he/she can’t possibly do(if you know how GSA SER works). I want to warn others how bad this was and to urge caution. How do I do this. I am perfectly prepared to refuse the refund in order to leave negative review. Is this my only option?.

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Actually, (I think) you can get a refund and leave a negative review according to the TOS. Sellers (well, CS/buyer) can give a refund to remove the offending, business-damaging review, but only if the buyer agrees to it. I can’t actually find it now, but I’m sure I read it after my last awful buyer. It’s on a help page somewhere.

I think more people should know the TOS. It’s amazing how many queries they answer. I know it’s boring, but it has all the answers.


More specifically (and spot the awful spelling mistake–headstart with ctrl + f “insure”–we can ignore “policys” for now…)


Of course, if you have any doubts after laboring through the above tedium, Customer Support may be a useful avenue.

I had to look up GSA SER. I had imagined it was some military superweapon or Game of Thrones spoiler, but no such luck 😃

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