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SEO, What really works on here?


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So I would really like to know who on here has utilized a FIVERR gig to get true, good, solid results for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I am actually well versed in SEO and have done a great job with many of my sites … but I just launched a brand new one, and on top of my manual link building strategies, I wanted to supplement it with solid, good, non-harming, helpful gigs on here. SOOOO … I am looking for you out there who has real information to share about what works and what does not.

This is not an invitation for a bunch of morons to self-promote … this is for people who have used services on FIVERR and can genuinely state the positive return they have received by working with these service providers.

Thanks for participating.

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I have an SEO gig but have also experimented with some services here.

Basically, I stay away from the tons of backlinks, linkwheels, social signals etc.
Things like citations can be good. (I don’t offer this)
Well written optimized content is a good one to look out for. Content makes a huge difference. Well done on-site work always helps.
Depending on the buyer’s ability they could see setting up Yoast as a good thing to get.

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Yeah … I got burned years ago using garbage services on here. I have a clue, but I am not an SEO guru like i Mentioned.

I will check out Eoin and see what comes from that. Thank you.

Anyone else out there find anything good?

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