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Fiverr Tips: One Secret Strategy All Sellers Should Know


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You must admit that you have some secrets that brought you a lot of 5-star reviews, A+ buyers and plenty of $5 bucks, right? I know some of you are saying “are you kidding? There are no secret tips; just work hard and you will have your fiverr success.” Well, there is no alternative of hard working, but if you keep your eyes off and work like a donkey, you hardly make any sale- never mind. However, here I’m going to share one most useful strategy that surely does the wonder for your Fiverr business. So let’s go ahead and keep reading.

Ask Your Friends To Check Out Your Gig:

Hold on, I’m not talking about fake review system. What I’m trying to say is Gig Auditing.

When a buyer logs into Fiverr he starts searching for a pro seller at a turbo speed. So how do you make the buyer stop just before your gig? Answer is Title. If you have a nice title, then the buyer surely takes a look at your gig. Don’t cheer up if you have a nice title as the game is not end yet.

A click on the title brings the buyer in your gig, but what makes the real result is your Description. You may not believe that every single word of your description is read by the buyer. So make sure your gig description is appealing, give your description a virtual voice so it can talk to the buyer, convince a client, and turn a visitor into your buyer.

So does your gig’s description have this kind of virtual voice? Well, I know you don’t have the answer, and that’s perfectly fine. If you really want to know whether your gig description has such voice and sales making power, then ask your friend to Audit your gig. Just find a cool dude and ask him/her to check out your fiverr profile and make an unbiased comment about your gig. That’s the one and only way you can be sure if your gig is perfect or needs a little editing. So before going for promotion or asking for help, make sure your gig description is flawless. Tell your friend to audit your gig and leave an unbiased comment. However, I’d really be thankful if you could audit my gig just as a friend. Just visit my profile, and audit my one gig.

Hope this article will help you a lot. Thanks.

Happy Sellers
Happy Fiverr.

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Bluepenn, you asked for feedback so here’s my 2 cents worth.

if you are offering English Writing gigs, your English has to be A1.

In your description you write… ‘Have any question’… ( should be have any questions…)

Also one comment you left for your buyer in your feedback…‘you’re an amazing buyer I’ve ever met’ is definitely not correct language use.

I’m a teacher… I spend much of my time correcting grammar…;D

Also, fiverr recommends a video right?
Hope that helps with your audit.

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It’s always recommended that you have well-crafted gigs – with proper English, spelling and grammar – but this is hardly a secret tip to success, nor will it guarantee sales.

The best tip to success on Fiverr is, despite what you said, hard, determined, every-day work and promotion (off-site, where your target customers are located). There is nothing else that will have a bigger impact upon your gig success than how you treat your gigs. If you pursue them like a business, you’ll be on the path toward success. If you just create gigs (with proper grammar and English) and then sit back hoping people find you and make you wealthy, then, I’m afraid, you might end up wasting your time here on Fiverr.

Work equals success, no matter what business environment you are in. Nothing else is more important. Work hard… earn your success. – And don’t rely on your friends to make that happen. Find your target customers. Only they can bring you the sales that you seek.

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My advice is simple. Figure out who you target customers are. Then go where those target customers are, and promote your gigs to them – within the rules of the site or location that where they exist.

You’ll have to figure out how best to do that. It is YOUR business, after all. You need to manage your business according to your chosen business goals.

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While it might feel good to ask a “cool dude” to look at your gig description and make suggestions, it might be totally worthless if cool dude knew nothing about the category or service your gig represents. Perhaps a better idea would be to duplicate proven success in your niche. For instance, I have studied the gig descriptions of the Top Rated sellers in my category, Voice Over, and incorporated their wording into my gig description. Sometimes DUPLICATION is better than INNOVATION, especially with the SEO algorythm used by Fiverr. Hope that helps.

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