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Fiverr Wants To Be A Part Of Your Wedding Night


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I mean probably not, but after the gret successings of the GaryVee flop, I’m a bit worried about this “stay tuned”

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Fiverr (fiverr)

Recently #engaged? Then stay engaged w/us for details on a chance to win big for your wedding.

I love the “what does that mean” immediately following the post. Since this will be automodded, just look at the Twitter feed to the right to view the post in all its rock hard wedding night glory.

Let’s try to guess what this “win big” means!

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I think the winrar should have a dress made out of Fiverrs. Not UK notes, they’re worth way more than that. Or maybe just go the whole promo hog and have a garish green dress with a Fiverr logo plastered over it in giant print.

So romantic.

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$25k for a Fiverr wedding. What could possibly go wrong? I’m guessing Fiverr’s PR drives this year all involve teaming up with XYZ and doing stuff like this. Can’t they spend this money on better website policing (BR, monitoring shitty seller profiles etc) or fixing bugs galore instead?

Also, No items in the gallery have received enough votes yet. Stay tuned! is not encouraging. How are items in the gallery meant to get votes if… gah. FIVERR! I note they’re using woobox. http://woobox.com/we2br2/vote

https://www.fiverr.com/savethedate/terms_and_conditions note the vote is similar to GaryVee, only even more vague as it’s a “combination” of votes from regulars, Fiverr’s panel of judges and compo partners.

Anyway, it’s only open to residents of the US/CA, and the grand prize is interestingly worded: Maximum of $25,000 to help pay for wedding, out of which a minimum of $3,750 (15%) must be used on Fiverr. So… where does the rest of this money–that we earned–go? Runners up get credit.

I look forward to someone coming onto the forum in a month ranting about a scam and a ruined wedding day.

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It would be cool to have a huge fiverr logo behind the rabbi, a wedding gown patterned with the fiverr logo, the groom’s tuxedo patterned with the logo, fiverr logo plastered everywhere including the reception with a huge cake with the fiverr logo, fiverr tableclothes, fiverr balloons and everything fiverr including the limo they drive away in
plastered with a huge fiverr logo.
And in the honeymoon suite above the bed a huge fiverr logo.

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