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The buyer are trying to Play Game with me


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Recently a buyer purchased one of my Gig.He was asking me to remove Malware from his site and Remove his site Google blacklist ( Red alert )

I charge 25$ ( 5$ -> Malware removing & 20$ for Blacklist removal ) But I gave him good price Quote ( 15$ ) we both agreed upon that ).I cleaned the malware from his website and also remove his site from Google blacklist.I sent him the logs of the removed malware files and all the details.Now he is saying that he fixed it himself and I haven’t done anything This is his words

“hello, I am a little bit confused as you did not fixed my website, I did fix it myself, you just add the verification tool and click on request review from Google, which is not really what I ask you do to. So I think it is fair to pair you 5usd for that and certainly not 15usd”

I sent him message in reply to the above message that I remove the malware then I sent a mail to google team to remove your site from Google Blacklist they review it and confirm it and removed your site from Google blacklist.

and His reply

“yes but you did not remove any malware, you just told me that the malware was already removed and that my website was cleaned before you come on board. I am no liar, happy to give you 5usd as you did nothing except requested a review that took one click.”

  • As he mention that I said ( That I told him that malware was already removed I never said that to him )

Then I sent him the file again of the removed malware logs.Then I said to him that "If you think I didn’t remove the malware Then fine I would restore the file I cleaned so you will know that the malware still exist "

Then his reply

“send me the files you cleaned here please so I can compare what has been done with the files that are online, thank you”

I asked for the access to his website again so I can get the backup files of old files and after cleaning But he didn’t share the access

His reply

“where are the backup of the files you have changed ? I can find them myself on my server, no problem there”

I said to him that the malware files I removed is saved as backup ( encoded ) You can’t decode it Because once I clean the malware its no more remains as malware but I keep the files backup because some buyers create problem like this so I can restore through it and show them the original file and the live files and so they can compare

Now after that he didn’t reply.I have sent a request to Customer support but they are saying we can’t help in this issue.Kindly try to resolve it.I didn’t deliver the order yet because before delivering I ask the customer if he is satisfy with the order then I mark it as complete.

Now I am afraid that maybe he left negative reviews.So I need your suggestion to How to deal with him


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hi brother
its good suggestion for your . forget any thing dnt be aggressive with buyers if you can easily satisfy your buyer thats good other wise,
left that order dnt place the orders because there are to many buyer are coming on your gig in future , but you never change the negative reviews,

some time seller bear that things,
but fiver is not doing wrong , so keep patient ,

and if you really do hard work job in this order, dnt worry okay
GOD definitely gives you this hard work rewards an other shape.
possible some new buyer give you much more tips instead of this order price,
and possible some buyer happy, give you some over funds plus your demanded price, so
only shape is changed of the real hard work rewards. not injustice .

okay hope this will be make sense for you to understand ,
thank you .

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the same thing with me here Hello why did you cancell the other while the buyer used to scam people here i have noticed some people like that i deliver the order even i trainnined him,he told me that is not not working here are the evidences that is working.please you have to refund the money back i tried to explain more to him he has blocked my message he said he will contact you . this man came long time ago to scammed my method you still cancell the order and again this time why all these?You did not contact me before cancellation

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Thank you so much for your suggestion.I have already sent him a message that if he is not satisfied with the order If he replied then i would go for cancellation I don’t want any negative reviews because of one buyer.But I will use this experience in future to how to deal with this kind of future
Thank you so much :).

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hi go to support staff and request them to block this user , and notify them at once , that user doing this cammed me again and again after cancellation order,
so fiverr will take a look your convo and then its will take action on it . if not hen if future some thing wrong with you, then you have right to show your old tickets and inform fiverr thats person of staff handle this that time and now i again face issues with same person ,so fiverr staff do justice with you okay , dont wory , only prayer for your work .forgive that buyer,after mutual cancellation order fiverr always take your side ,and said the buyer you take your money back now you wnt be able to do nothing with this seller, okay ,

“” my father said that always , “” dnt see what they do with you , only see what are you doing with them ,

thank you for asking,

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Why would you offer to cancel?
You did the work now he is trying to get away without paying - and you are letting him!
A bad review is no big deal!
Lots of them is a big deal but one is not.
If I was a scamming buyer I would target the sellers who have NO BAD REVIEWS, that is a sure sign that the seller will refund if I complain. Having a bad review might actually keep those kind of sellers away from you.
Do you really think that having one bad review out of 100 is going to affect you? You can appeal to CS to remove it but even if they don’t, just reply with your review of them, calmly saying that “they tried to get you to cancel after the work had been done as they wanted the work done for free”.

The sooner sellers learn how to take a bad review, the better it will be for everyone as these buyers will have to find somewhere else to rip people off.

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Fiverr can’t do anything because it is a case of your word against his.
I would ask him to explain why he would pay you to do something and then do it himself? It makes no sense for him to do it.
Regardless, I would still not cancel. Check my post here for the reasons why:
favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

Getting into the Mind of a Scamming Buyer

I think everyone has had, or heard of, a buyer who tried to get work done for free. The fact is that there seems to be a lot of buyers like this. Why? Simple, because they get away with it. From what I read, the majority of sellers will cancel an...

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Why did you tell him how you removed the malware. This was where the problem started. The buyer thought that it was a complicated task but you told him that you contacted Google support to clean up the site. This is when he said(Just one click to contact Google is not worth $15
Never tell your buyer the process of what you have done. Just tell him that you have done the task that he hired you to do, but telling him the process, I think its not good.

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Well I explain everything to buyer ( About the steps which I have done to clean his site and remove his website from Malware It is necessary because buyer ask What have you done ? and What steps did you take to secure my website ?

This kind of Question arises.

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