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Would love any advice to improve myself~


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Hello everyone, I am a graphic designer with 2 years of experience. I have worked with people for 2 years in high school. Then I took a very long break when I started going to college. Now this is the first time I am doing things on an online profile and I would love any sort of advice to help get my first few customers. I have been trying to go to the buyers request page however it is flooded with others who advertise their own page. I will admit I was guilty of doing this only once when I first started since those people had received offers so I assumed it was a chance for me to rise up, I had to take that post down a few hours later since I wanted to try to get customers in a more legitimate way while not misusing the tools. I am currently working on an Instagram page with some pictures I create to hopefully get people to come. I did like some of the things I created on my gig photos, however I was a bit afraid of harsh criticism. I think now is probably the time to just go for it and ask for advice I am very sensitive, but harsh criticism may help me improve. :3

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Guest bluepenn

Well, make sure you have these three things.

Completed profile:

Making your profile 100% completed gives a good signal to Fiverr system, and in return your gigs will be published on Homepage that means you’ll have more orders. So make sure your Profile is 100% completed.

Profile Picture:

Your profile picture gives your clients a feel of ease. When a Buyer sees you have a nice profile picture, he thinks you’re a professional. So it is highly recommended to use a profile picture instead of any avatar or cartoon.

Your Gig:

Your gig is everything. Promotion, profile picture, seo everything will bring buyers to your gig, but if it is not written in a quality and professional style, then you cannot make any sale. So the most important thing is your gig. Write your gig’s description very professionally and mention everything very clearly. You can check out other sellers gig to know how they wrote their gigs. To make it easier for you here is a gig sample that you can check out. It will help you a lot in making your gig more appealing.

Best of luck

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