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Quick Response Enable for 100% Response Rate


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It’s been few weeks I am active here on my gigs. I just want to know following things.

What if my response rate drops from 100% to 1 hour. Will it make any sort of effect on my gigs.

Being active on Fiverr isn’t possible all the times, so is it OK if I enable Quick Response rather than having custom message for each query?

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If your gig drops in ranking, you may drop in the listings in the Fiverr search results. And if this happens, fewer buyers may find your gigs in the Fiverr Marketplace. For this reason, you will want to deliver work worthy of 100% ratings.

And yes, communication is your responsibility. Do what you need to in order to communicate appropriately with your buyers.

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Quick Response is just a candid answer of some sorts, so you don’t have to type the response. In my opinion, it’s best to qualify your customer regarding your gig. This can easily be done by having your requirements filled out, to ask those important questions which will help you deliver the best product to your client.

Response Rate is a stat that only you and Fiverr can see, is what my understanding is.

So I would suggest:

  • Know your target audience.
  • Understand their basic needs to help guide you towards fulfilling them.
  • Communicate anytime you’re not completely sure on what the client requires from you.
  • And always deliver on time, with a goal of under promising and over delivering.


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